Potrzuski Carpenter Workshop originates from a craft workshop operating since 1957 by Władysław Potrzuski. The company enjoys the recognition of customers due to the reliability and openness in undertaking difficult carpentry challenges. Mr. Władysław himself invents wood carving tools, which are then made by a blacksmith. Attention to detail, reliable technical drawings reflecting the needs of the recipient and accuracy of finishing become the showcase of the plant.

Many years of tradition, qualified employees, a machine park ready to meet even the most sophisticated shapes, capricious dimensions and a resistant surfaces combined with artistic flair and a sense of good taste are our greatest strengths.

Ryszard, his son, inherits his father’s unusual precision and sense of harmony. He has been continuing his work since 1987. The workshop is for the heir not only sentimental value, but it is also a mine of crafting knowledge and a source of inspiration in the search for extraordinary solutions. A new phase is beginning, aimed at the production of doors and furniture, which were favoured during the times of the technical revolution. The variety of machinery, innovative technological ideas combined with the artistic finesse of the current owner allow us to realize even the most sophisticated ideas from customers. What distinguishes the Potrzuski Carpenter Workshop is the lack of limitations of the imagination and will. The door of perception are opened…

The atmosphere in the company has an air of pre-war provenance. Everyone is treated individually, as if the fashionable marketing tricks never came here. One senses the real need of the recipient’s satisfaction. There is a kind of chemistry between the buyer and the owner: the first lets the imagination run wild, the other is measures their abilities and wants to overcome them. The vast majority of products are unique and one of a kind.

The most challenging and exciting moment is turning your dreams into pure mathematics, inventing engineering, machine attachments, complicated templates and tooling. Sometimes you can have the impression that you have outsmarted the laws of physics.

The heart of the Workshop has been located in Niedzbórz since 2003, a small village 100 km away from the capital. Key decisions are made there, concepts take shape, and prototypes of details are made. In Warsaw itself, in the newly opened business lounge in Domoteka, you can get to know examples of door and furniture models and get information from experienced consultants, and directly talk with the owner of the company or his son who will take over the family business in the future. Characteristically, contact with the boss is an indispensable element of the workshop’s brand. There is no room for artificial coquetry or a purely transactional approach. We talk about almost everything to get to know the nature and tastes of the Client as best as possible, which ultimately contributes to the creation of interior design that is fully consistent with the new Recipient.


Wood – we know it from the inside and we love its perfect nature. Sometimes, however, we give it a shock, acting against his innate properties, but all in order, to bring out the unprecedented dimension of its beauty.

We reach where the sight does not reach! We break stereotypical solutions! We exceed rational imaginations!


The customer determines the need and we come up with the tools.


The first conversations are carried out in the spirit of an unrestricted exchange of thoughts, a chat. They are inspired by interesting fabrics, photos of modern interiors or old prints.


In the case of more difficult orders, prototypes are made, which can be consulted at the company’s headquarters and further refined on the spot.


We have our own professional assembly teams that neatly and cleanly install every element. The manual skills of employees and their commitment, guarantee the highest quality of service.

From time to time, we borrow a pattern from a stucco or a floor and it becomes the leading motif of the entire project

The basis of solutions is a detailed, well thought out, mathematically developed technical drawing. The most optimal parameters are sought out. At this stage, we also think about all the instrumentation.
The construction of a project is extremely important, which is why we create it as a team. Each voice is important – assuming that it is not always the eldest who is right.

We systematically expand the machine park and use the possibilities of modern technologies. Our equipments can create everything that the we think of.

Without the slightest compromise, we care for the highest quality of crafted doors and furniture, and thus customer satisfaction at every stage of the contract.


At the Potrzuski Carpenter Workshop, wood comes alive like Pinocchio under the chisel of old Geppetto. The many years of experience we have in the field of woodworking and veneers, we know both its delicate fabric and we can use the dormant strength in it, perfectly. We have been dealing with carpentry for over half a century, but we never rest on our laurels. Our appetite continues to grow with technological developments because it opens the door to realizing even the most unusual ideas in the field of design, construction, composition and final finishing.



Nothing more, nothing less. We are aware that the complexity of projects is incredible and being off even by a millimeter, destroys perfection. Skilled eye, imagination and surgical precision of our specialists make us successfully transfer ideas from the imagination of customers, to reality, while not allowing a construction disaster.

In our company there is no place for clichés, there are only unique copies!


Applied technological solutions depend on the specifics of the project. The basic material of our constructions is glued wood. We use both native species, i.e. pine or oak, as well as exotic varieties: rosewood, ebony and walnut. Other methods our company uses include molding and veneering. In the case of carving and turning wood, we are self-sufficient. We make them in Potrzuski Carpenter Workshop without having to use services of external specialists.

Door frame systems

As part of many door frame systems, we offer solutions that meet architect’s and interior decorator’s expectations to the greatest extent. Our doors are mounted on box, aluminium, reverse, rebate and non-rebated door frames. We also have many variants of doors. They can be opened traditionally, as well as being folded, rotated, moved on rails (also hidden) or combined sliding and rotating functionalities.

The recorded video presents a number of modern proposals that facilitate interior design, especially in places with limited space, where custom ideas are even necessary.

Architraves in door frames

We adjust the architraves in door frames to a specific style, and their selection is virtually unlimited. The arsenal of tools, including the shapes of the cutters, allows us to create new combinations of architraves so that the result is fully satisfied by the customer.

Among other things, we offer reverse door frames completely integrated with the architraves, with no visible connections.

When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through
Steve Jobs
What is the throne? A bit of wood covered with velvet.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The tree is a force slowly rising to the sky.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Glazed door, made according to old, proven technology

The muntins dividing the panes have different dimensions and shapes depending on the recipient’s preferences. We mount them on cross connectors, which guarantees excellent stiffness and construction quality.

Wood surface finishes.

We coat wood, veneers and wood-based boards with varnishes from leading European companies, choosing the product keeping in mind the aesthetic of the final look. Surfaces can be satin, semi-matte, finished to a high gloss, and also according to preferences, imitate leather, delight with an interesting structure or unusual pattern.

Before the client makes the final decision, he receives samples for approval, which we make each time before signing the contract. A modern paint shop and specialized machines operated by professionals guarantee the highest world-class quality.

That’s not all! What else?…

Potrzuski Carpenter Workshop also performs specially selected casings of aquariums, radiators and fireplaces, under stair constructions, baseboards, and even cat litter boxes, and virtually everything the heart desires.