If you are an Architect or Interior Decorator looking for remarkable solutions, appreciate innovation, reliability, quality and culture of cooperation, we invite you to join our group of professionals. 

To facilitate the procedure forming agreements, specify dimensions, proportions and selection of details, we always make drawings in the AutoCad program, which at the further stage of cooperation are reliable technical documentations.

Without unnecessary boasting, we infect enthusiasm and perfectionism!

If the presented projects are in line with your aesthetics and artistic style, we will be happy to present you the offer of cooperation – we only ask you to leave your contact details.


The latest craze are so-called hidden doors. We are able to “blend” into the wall thanks to the use of an aluminium frame, which we are already assembling at the stage of laying partition walls from plaster-cardboard or before plastering a traditional wall. The art of camouflage gives the effect of economical minimalism.

In the attached video, we present you with innovative and functional proposals in the methods of opening door wings.